A marketable sport

June 14, 2006

I have heard to said that we are being 'sold' a lifestyle with adventure sports – that they are more about how we see ourselves than the reality of actually doing the sport. I hate to think this is true but sea kayaking sure is marketable.

Here is an image from the outdoor store Patagonia's website (posted here because it will probably disappear in due course). What do images like this say?

patagonia sea scape

And from the same site here is a quote from a solo paddler which illustrates some of the ‘romance’ that makes sea kayaking such a marketable sport:

“Every few paddles I glance over my shoulder hoping not to see a three-foot-high dorsal fin bearing down on me, mistaking my kayak for a lean elephant seal.”

Not that this is an exaggerated risk. Here is a story about a surf kayak being attacked by a 4m shark.
Patagonia website here


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