A Japanese legend

June 27, 2006

Here is the website of a Japanese Kayaker (Greenlander?) that seems to be well known (linked to by a lot of blogging kayakers). The animations / drawings of various rolls are particularly good as is the information on building skin kayaks – I want to do this.



This is the website of a group of greenland style kayakers in Japan: ‘qajaq’ as in the word for kayak in Greenlandic and Japan; jpn. There is also a qajaq usa. The good thing about the Japan site is the colourful English (Japanese have a way of sounding very friendly in English) and the animations / viedos done by Eiichi Ito, one of the members. The famous kayaker is from Greenland his name is Maligiaq and he is a champion kayaker and also kayak buildider. Do a search for him.


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