A crazy idea

June 28, 2006

A crazy idea, but it might just work!

This is from the blog of a famous sea kayaker (Freya Hoffmeister) – an image she posted in order to sell this kayak. The image is described thus: “Kind ist aus der hinteren Luke leider rausgewachsen“. Now my German is rusty but I think this roughly means – the child is in the rear storage compartment.

Why not?

kind ist auf dem...

I have two very small children, two compartments and a flat, warm sea. They would definately fit in there, would they need a spray skirt? I’ve got access to baby pfds… Hmmm… they do always ask to come with me.


One Response to “A crazy idea”

  1. […] I gave my oldest daughter rides in the kayak with her sitting in front of me, running parallel to the beach (she didn’t have a lifevest so I was very cautious). Then we fooled around, her sitting alone in the kayak and me swimming, pushing her around the surf. She even sat in the front hatch – she fitted fine (3 years old) and would have eaily fitted in the larger rear. Like the image I posted of Freya Hoffmeister way back when. (My youngest daughter didn’t want to go – too chicken!) […]

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