A visitor to Japan? Want to sea kayak?

July 4, 2006

Are you coming to Japan as a tourist and want to sea kayak? Here are the limited resources I know about at the moment (I will update this post as I find out more ).

Next to Tokyo is Kanagawa prefecture which includes Yokohama city (in fact you’d be hard pressed to know where Tokyo ends and Yokohama begins). In Kanagawa is a tour school where they speak perfect English (I am told). I guess it will be easy to get there from Tokyo. Their website is only in Japanese but I suggest e-mailing them for an English response.

website is here e-mail: boomer at algaforest dot com

Nagoya is in Aichi on the border of Mie prefecture, near Nagoya is a small town called Ise (where the famous Ise Shrine is) which is also not a million miles from Osaka and Kyoto. Based in Ise and nearby Toba is a well known sea kayaker (Yoshikazo-san) and his company Paddlecoast. (They also build under license North Shore Kayaks). They speak English and I am going paddling with them at the end of July (I am excited and will post more of course). The website is only in Japanese.

website is here e-mail: paddleco at topaz dot ocn dot ne dot jp

I stumbled across this, a North American based adventure company which does a tour of Japan’s Inland Sea, at 6,500 dollars it’s pretty pricey…

There is an Outdoor Special Interest Group (OSIG) started and run by JETs which writes about outdoor activities in Japan. In my experience its not that great – tends to focus on mountain sports – but you can find some background information and places to stay.


2 Responses to “A visitor to Japan? Want to sea kayak?”

  1. […] My next kayaking day will be around Ise in Aichi prefecture. I am taking a tour with Yoshikado-san and Paddlecoast on Monday 24th July. Really looking forward to it. […]

  2. I have upadated this post into a ‘page’. On the left at the top is “Tours and schools” – in here is the updated and revised information.

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