A tidal wave

July 7, 2006

falls of lora


Back in the old days a tsunami – a Japanese word meaning ‘habour wave’ – was called a tidal wave. Here is a real tidal wave, The falls of Lora, one of the largest tidal races in the northern hemisphere, in Scotland. There is a lot of detail and some more photos about the falls here. I posted this one because the water looks beautiful.

The biggest in the Northern Hemisphere in case you were wondering is in Pembrokeshire, Wales where my friend Simon lives. But its not as beautiful as the Scottish one – much like Simon and me (and its called ‘Bitches’ which just isn’t right – compare that to the poetic Scottish name).



The biggest in the world is at the mouth of the amazon I believe.

EDIT: link to Justine’s blog entry about the falls of lora


One Response to “A tidal wave”

  1. […] There are big surf beaches, tidal races (like at the Falls of Lora), exposed shorelines, protected bays and thousands of islands. It may be a bit of a cliche but many people say that the highlands of Scotland are one of the last true wildnernesses in Europe. […]

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