August 9, 2006


I was a boy scout. I was also a beaver, cub scout and venture scout. From the age of 8 to 18 I was a scout in some form or other and it was great. I did some great stuff; I went camping, kayaking and canoeing, sailing, scuba diving, cycling, rock climbing, snow holing and mountaineering. I also learned a lot of knots. Not all of them are still with me unfortunately, but I remember the bowline, sheet bend (which I thought for years was a sheep bend) all the hitches, figure eight, reef knot (square knot) slip and granny.

The best one that I forget is nicknamed the cowboy knot – that is secure when load is applied from one end but comes undone when pulled from the other. Can’t find it anywhere (don’t know its real name).

But I did find Grog’s site. Which has some simple and clear stop frame animations of knots. Very easy and has some good explanations and history.


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