Hardly worth the effort

August 31, 2006

Thursday August 31st 2006

Its hardly worth the effort but I wanted to record my kayaking on this blog – that was one of its functions.

I went kayaking and took my whole family. The day was beautiful, sunny and warm but by the time we got to the beach at 5pm the sun was dipping and it was getting cooler.

In Japan, or at least in Tohoku, the summer season finishes on the last weekend in August. The Monday following they pack up the life guard huts and no one goes to the beach. It amazing. On Sunday we went to the beach as a family and there were hundreds of people. On Monday I went kayaking and there was no-one there.

In my first year here I found this hard to understand because it was still hot and humid right up to the middle of September, and the water is warmest in September. Still I wasn’t complaining, we had the beach to ourselves. This year however it really feels like summer is over.

Today however was very warm, sunny and bright so we decided to go to the beach and take the children. We went to Tsukihama.

I gave my oldest daughter rides in the kayak with her sitting in front of me, running parallel to the beach (she didn’t have a lifevest so I was very cautious). Then we fooled around, her sitting alone in the kayak and me swimming, pushing her around the surf. She even sat in the front hatch – she fitted fine (3 years old) and would have eaily fitted in the larger rear. Like the image I posted of Freya Hoffmeister way back when. (My youngest daughter didn’t want to go – too chicken!)

Anyway we had great fun. I then gave her a rest and did some rolling practice. I was only hitting about 60% of my short rolls but was able to roll up every time using the back up roll (the name of which I need to research *edit* ‘the put-across roll’). My wife cheering me on. I also managed a long pawletta meaning I now have four rolls! よかった!

I did some more re-entry and roll practice – this is easier I think than the cowboy re-entry. I also practiced high and low bracing and did some more edging the kayak and sculling.

In conclusion warm water is great for being ‘Beyond the cokpit‘ as Derek Hutchinson calls it and I can see the attraction. I also feel like I have now moved out of the beginner category.

Sorry no pictures.


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