A dream

September 1, 2006

I had this funny dream last night, my first about kayaking. In my dream, my small town (administrative poulation 20,000 but in reality more like 8,000) there were 4 kayak shops branded by kayak maker. There was a Northshore shop, a Guillemot shop (see next post), a Waterfield shop and one other whose brand I don’t remember. The crazy thing is that they were hidden away down small side streets so that I didn’t know about them until after I had bought by plastic kayak from Mont Bell. It was very vivid and convoluted. I even got some good advice about waterproof outerwear – no point in buying a waterproof gore-tech jacket, get a dry suit instead, apparently Kokakat is the only brand to trust. 

This is of course one of these dreams where you sort out in your head some of the things you have been thinking about. And I have been thinking about getting a drysuit for winter paddling, building a beautiful stitch and glue timber kayak and wishing I had bought a second hand shoreline or waterfield kayak.


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