Other uses for your stuff

September 12, 2006

I wrote before about using my inflatable paddle float as a bailer (still haven’t sourced a decent bailer) well there are some more double uses out there. These are from the University of Sea Kayaking (personally I find the name a bit pompous – lets face it sea kayaking isn’t degree worthy, should be more like the vocational college.)

Anyway some of these are quite good. I’ve edited the poor ideas (IMO) and the sources (see link).

Support for a tarpaulin*

Paddle float:
Water carrier / bailer [my idea]
Fill an open hatch if cover is lost and the hatch is not too big
Pillow *


Extra support for an injured swimmer
Paddle float (last case alternative)
Padding if you had to immobilize an injured person

Spray Skirt:
Cover up when you have to change clothes in public places or discreet nature calls. *

Plastic Bag:
Sleeveless paddle jacket or rain jacket or wind breaker
Hatch cover (with duct tape)

Dry Bag:
Water carriers
Hatch cover (with duct tape)

You can turn a day hatch into a “mini-fridge” when camping, by insulating with bubblewrap. *

Hatch covers:
Emergency dinner plates *

* = I would like to use this idea.


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