Tomorrows plan

September 15, 2006

I have the go ahead for some paddling tomorrow. My plan is to go to an area just south of Onagawa on the Oshika Penninsula, near the big nuclear power plant (fingers crossed with that). I scouted that area out and think it offers a good variety of conditions. If conditions permit I’ll cross out and do some island hopping.


The weather forecast is cloudy with the chance fo rain, temperature about 20 degrees C and water about the same.

There is a storm south of us, near Tokyo, which is blowing up some big waves but by the time they get to Onagawa they will be in 1.5-2m range.


The wind 4m/s is coming from roughly the same direction. If the waves prove too big, though I doubt it, in my new ‘intermediate’ level, I think there will be sufficient areas of protection around here that I can still fool around on the water.

The tide is pretty slack, half moon, out at 05.15 in at 17.43.

Will take my full wet suit in-case there is a chance to practice in the surf. Hope my damaged paddle holds out (as usual will take cable ties and gaffa tape emergency repair kit!)


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