Dark out

October 3, 2006

I went paddling on a Tuesday night. My original plan was to go surfing for an hour or so but I changed my mind and for the first time carried my kayak the 300m to the river.

When I bought the kayak this was my plan, to start at the river and kayak out to sea not using a car. But I never got round to that, the kayak is heavy and the sea near me a bit flat and boring.

But I had a relaxing 2 hour paddle, from 4:20 – 6:20. I walked home (and paddled for the last 20 minutes in the dark) . I also saw the sunset into the mountains and the moon become the largest source of non man made light. It was beautiful. (Sadly my phone / camera is out of action so no images).

I managed a few rolls into the muddy water quite far from land – I’m still nervous when starting rolling in deep water.

I felt surprsingly fit and managed a good pace. Downwind the kayak was difficult to keep running straight and I actually found it easier without the skeg, as my corrective strokes actually worked. Upwind I actually think I was faster as I could just muscle down and paddle and let the boats weather cocking steer me.

There were two amazing sites that I wanted to photograph. The first was the thousands of bamboo poles which are being used to farm seaweed (I photographed them here) but now they looked amazing. The bottom 3 inches of the poles were black from the water, above that the newly cut bamboo is yellow making the poles appear to ‘float’ above the water. When the last rays of the sun came streaming across the water the acres of bamboo poles became like a field of shimmering, floating gold. Reminding me of the Sting song “fields of gold”:

You’ll remember me when the west wind moves
Upon the fields of barley
Youll forget the sun in his jealous sky
As we walk in the fields of gold

From here. (You should listen to it, his voice makes it a really amazing song).

The second was at dusk, the hundreds of crows flocking (like you’d expect sea gulls to flock in a seaside town) over a huge tree on a small island. The thousands of black silouttes in the dark sky and over the bright moon was really an amazing sight.

I got home relaxed and calm despite the fact that I just found out my tax return is being investigated!

My route map:



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