A windy day

October 9, 2006

Today was a bank holiday in Japan. I had a half day free due to visiting parents-in-law and went kayaking. My idea was to go surfing and I put in at the river end of nobiru beach.

There was very little surf, one single break which was only about 50m long and on whoch three surfers were sitting.

On the other side if the river there were some breakers but also some dangerous looking current as the flooded river broke out to that side. I also didn’t fancy my chances of hanging on to the kayak and paddle in these high(ish) winds should I have to wet exit. So surfing was out.

The water is also suddenly a lot colder. It was reported as 21 degrees but there is no way its that temperature. At best I would say 16-18 degrees. Brrr. Perhaps the recent storms have swept in some cold water or churned up the colder deep water.

The weather was great though. 25 degrees and sunny. The wind was at least 15knots I’d say though again reported as less. 10-12knots at shiogama (maybe amore protected spot?). The sea was calm except for the small waves being created but the wind was off shore so no time for these waves to develop much.


It would have been a perfect day for sailing! God I want a sail. 30,000yen though so need to start saving.


I paddled for an hour downwind – my kayak is definately harder downwind than up (weathercocks into the wind) or across (skeg does it’s job) . Watched some fisherman laying a fishing net to shore and had a look at the dumping surf – too close to shore and too dumping. Then paddled back. It’s a bit windy to be doing anything really and I didn’t even do some rolling practice.

On the beach there was litteraly tons of garbage – flotsam from the recent storms piled up on the beach.


Not a great day but relaxing to be on the water and I like this kind of wind it’s very refreshing.

Here is my short paddling map.



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