Kayaking information in Japan

November 14, 2006

There is a book, that I bought, called “Sea Kayaking Map” or maybe “55map” not really sure. Anyway it presents 55 different routes for sea kayaking in Japan. It is not a great book for me as I can’t read much Japanese but I can get the basics, dangerous places, weather hints, the symbols for dangerous currents/waves, rocks no-go areas and of course where to get an onsen :-).
Before I bought this book I had already done a few of the routes, or parts of them (so far numbers 13 – Izushima, 14 – Matsushima and 28 – Kowaura [古和浦 not sure of reading]).

Here is the east half of the map of Japan with routes 1-28 marked.


This weekend my wife and children are in Tokyo visiting family so I want to go away kayaking for the weekend. My hope is to go to Iwate and do either route 11 or 12. Camp overnight, do some fishing and generally have a great relaxing solo time!

Sounds good huh?

Here is the info on route 11 (in Japanese). It is one of the most famous sea scapes in Japan and definately one of the most beautiful. I am really looking forwrad to it. So far the weather looks good; sunny, 11 degrees max 1 degree min, with lightish winds off shore. The only bad think is that that weekend is the dark of the moon so it really will be pitch dark (and at 4pm too!)


Anyway hopefully I will have some stuff to post next week, haven’t been out in the kayak for almost 3 weeeks!


2 Responses to “Kayaking information in Japan”

  1. komi Says:

    If you are heading to Iwate, I recommend to stop at MESA an outdoor shop/kayak outfitter in Kamaishi.
    He is a big man in Sanriku and could give you useful and first hand informations.
    Though, you should call him (avoid e-mail, he rarely respond)first before visit, because he most offten closes the shop during weekends to be on the ocean.
    Have a great fun.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for the link. But I don’t think I will have time to go and see him, I’m driving up there late on Friday night then kayaking from early saturdya morning (my idea was to see my first japanese sunrise from the kayak on Saturday morning).

    What do you think? Where should I go?


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