Marine weather in Japan

November 17, 2006

It may be because the Japanese weather is not as changeable as that of the UK but I find the weather information available in Japan to be poor: difficult to find, not specific enough and in my experience not very accurate.

Take for example the Japan Meterological Agency (JMA). They are the official weather providers on whose information all the interent site sbase their information. Here is their isobar weather map of Japan for today:


Can you try and find Japan on this map?

(Scroll down to see the answer)

Even if you do find it what use is a map of this scale to anyone? It covers about 1500km from North to South.

The other example is sea state charts. The only website I have been able to find showing pedicited wave heights is this one and while they should be congratulated for making Japan clear, again there is very little detail.


Detail is of course what kayakers need.





Did you find Japan?



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