Bad weather in Scotland

November 22, 2006

Some scarey weather in Scotland at the moment as reported by Cailean Mcleod. This is an extract from the coast guard website linked to be Cailean:

Oil tanker swamped in hurricane conditions

Longhope RNLI lifeboat crew went to the aid of an oil tanker in the Pentland Firth in hurricane force conditions on Saturday 11 November. Three men had been seriously injured aboard the oil tanker, on route to Texas, after a large wave swamped her deck.

The new Tamar class lifeboat at Longhope, which has only been on station for a month, was requested to launch with medical assistance aboard. This was the first sea search and rescue Dr Christine Bradshaw had ever been involved in.

The tanker, FR8 Venture, was stuck in violent storm conditions south of the island of Swona. On arrival the lifeboat and helicopter proceeded to the east of Swona to get some shelter to allow the doctor to be winched onto the helicopter and then to the casualty.

The casualty was pitching badly at times with the decks frequently under water. The winds were blowing at 70-80 mph and waves were up to 15 metres high. Whilst the helicopter winched the doctor in the severe conditions, Longhope lifeboat circled to guard against any mishap in transfer. The doctor was dropped onto the wheelhouse and proceeded below to tend to the patients, two of which had already died.

Coxswain Kevin Kirkpatrick, said: ‘At the time the doctor was winched off the lifeboat, I reckon the wind was exceeding 70 to 80 mph. Conditions couldn’t have been worse and she did a really good job.’

Dr Bradshaw and the injured crew were transferred back to the helicopter and taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.


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