Iwate kayaking advice

November 22, 2006

I got some kayaking advice from Nori about Iwate which I thought I should share for posterity (and for next time):

“I recommend you to go kayaking between Todoga-saki and Kubi -saki. And you have to be careful outside of bays, especially east side of Funakoshi Peninsula which faces open ocean. There are no escape point for about 7km.

If the weather was perfect, I would try that put-in Maesuga, south side of the neck of Funakoshi Peninsula and go around the peninsula and across Yamada bay then reach to Aneyoshi Campsite. Then next day I would go Todogasaki (the eastern most place in Honshu) and go back to Yamada Bay and land to Uranohama or Osawa. One thing I have to say is you probably could not take a taxi from Aneyoshi and two or three buses(I am not sure) from there. that means you have to consider about the weather on Sunday!

Besides Oneyoshi, There are several campsite in this area. My favorite is Nehama Campsite near Unosumai. Also you may be allowed camping the most of fishing ports. Just say ‘Kyanpu shi te iidesuka?’ They are usually kind.

You can easily find the place to put-in except around Jodogahama. these places are privately owned for commercial. If you go to north of Miyako, Nakanohama and Masaki are good paces to camp and easy to put-in.

If the weather was bad, inside of Yamada bay is good to kayak. Or you can try to go kayaking to the mouth of the bay(between Kawashiro and Aneyoshi) depending on the condition.”

Thanks Nori.


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