Sea Kayaking book

November 22, 2006

There is a new book out by Scottish sea kayaker Gordon Brown, (of Skyak adventures fame). The Title is “Sea Kayak” with a tag line of “A manual for intermediate and advanced sea kayakers”.

Despite the unimaginative title it looks pretty good. You can download two chapters from the publishers website


On page 1 of chapter 15 “Swell” he answers my question about what to do in the case of a tsunami.

Other phenomena that cause swell are earthquakes, massive landslips and meteorite impacts, each of which may generate tsunami (tidal waves). The power of a tsunami can be truly awesome as observed in the Indian Ocean, December 2004. Caused by an underwater earthquake, the resulting surface wave was only a few centimetres high, but the wave was
full-depth, that is its effect went from the surface to the ocean floor. When it came close to land the first indication was that the water drained from beaches and reefs only to be replaced by a very much larger lump of sea. If you are on the water when a tsunami occurs, the best option for your survival is to turn out to sea and paddle as if your life depended on it, because it probably does.

He has a definition on wave height which answers my question:

Wave height is the vertical distance from trough to peak of a wave.

The pictures also look great (poor resolution here) this one of clapotis (caused by wave interaction)


I’m definately getting this book, not least as it is written by a Scottish sea kayaker and I imagine I won’t have to interpret the advice as much as I had to with the other books on sea kayaking I have read.

Out on December 7th from Paseda press.


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