Sea kayaking photography

December 11, 2006

Sea kayaking is a highly photogenic sport.


this image from the patagonia website in July.

There are a number of very good photographers who also blog about their stuff. Douglas Wilcox who I posted about last week is one. Is in conversation in a podcast with Simon Willis from sea kayak routes dot com listen to him talk about photography here.

There are also others who take great pictures.

Paddling with a camera is a blog by Marek Uliasz a hard core fitness padlder, mountaineer and photographer. He has some great images and, even better, reviews of cameras, tips and hints. Interestingly he mounts his camera in various positions…


Mark Sanders has a few linked sites including surfnturf where this series of amazing pictures (of some amazing skill) was posted




Mark also explains that he has a paddle mounted camera… interesting


Then there is the more commercial end but non-the-less amazing. John Bowermasters Oceans 8 expedition has some amazing images like these



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