Paddling around Japan

December 12, 2006

Getting back to the task at hand, which was to provide some information on kayaking in japan for those that like me arrived in Japan, wanted to paddle, but found the language barrier a difficult one to surmount…

Jeff Allen paddled around Japan with Hadas Feldman in 2004. I think I arrived here about the same time they left.

Paddle Japan
‘On a Wing and a Prayer’

Some things in life are just meant to happen. Paddle Japan was one such thing. From an idle comment over a cup of tea with ‘Hadas’ came a whole Japanese Odyssey.

It all started at the NDK (Nigel Dennis Kayaks) Dealers Meet in September ‘03, “Where would you most like to paddle Hadas?” was the idle comment. “ Hokkaido” was her reply. That was it. Some kind of karmic agreement had been settled upon and after very little planning ‘Hadas’ and I found ourselves meeting up in Narita airport and beginning a six-month journey by kayak around the four main Islands of Japan. .

Legend has it than when God was designing the surface of our planet He came to Japan and, after painting the four main islands, He accidentally knocked his brush thereby showering over two thousand tiny droplets in and around the coast. It looked so pretty, God decided to leave the droplets as they lay. This became “Yamato”, “ A Place of Mountains” the traditional name for Japan. The Chinese call Japan. ‘Nihon’ – “Land of the Rising Sun”…
Read the rest of the article about their 6 month epic here


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