A dangerous crackpot

January 15, 2007

John Turk

Jon Turk:

In 1979, I set out to kayak around Cape Horn, even though I had never been in a sea kayak before. I went solo, because no one would go with me. People have dismissed me as a dangerous crackpot. Perhaps.



In the wake of the Jomon is of Course that same crackpot’s 2 year kayak expedition from Japan to Alaska.

jomon route map

The trip was as a result of the Kennewick Man: an almost complete skeleton found in Washington State in the northeastern United States. Kennewick Man, like many skeletons recovered from American archaeological sites dated 9000 years ago and more, has a Caucasoid appearance, leading some physical anthropologists to suggest that some of the early colonizers of the New World were related to the Jomon peoples of Japan. One of the possible theories of colonization of the New World is that Jomon people sailed around the Pacific Rim from Japan to Alaska.

Turk took off in the summer of 2000 to prove that such a voyage was possible.

from amazon:

Recounting his two-year, 3,000-mile kayak voyage from Japan’s bamboo forests to the tundra of Siberia and Alaska, Turk introduces strong archeological and anthropological evidence that his expedition was not the first. He explains how the ancient Jomon people could have completed this journey 10,000 to 15,000 years ago and provides insight into the question of why they did it. Both fascinating adventure and riveting prehistory, In the Wake of the Jomon is destined to become a classic.

An different book review

I feel a closeness to the Jomon story for several reasons: I studied them with my English Class and I had to find ways of motivating my students to get intersted in these long dead people; secondly the best thing about Jomon culture (after their clay pots) was their stilt houses (I am an architect so this is interesting); and lastly there is a Jomon village in Oku-Matsushima where I paddle.

This is another book to add to my reading list.


One Response to “A dangerous crackpot”

  1. rocket7777 Says:

    Here’s likely reason.

    1) Invention of pottery which can carry water and food.
    2) Ice age was start to end and sea level rising (jomon was from hong kong/taiwan/japan/korea/ plus land area covering lot of east china sea etc. So I suspect lots of desirable land area during 20kyp is 100m below the sea.

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