Kelly kettle stove

January 24, 2007

Douglas Wilcox posts a review of 4 different stoves here. The gas stoves don’t interest me at all (in fact I look down my nose at gas) but the the kelly kettle looks like good design.

how it works

Basically a double walled vessel which sits over a small ‘any material’ fire and has a relativley massive surface area to water volume and hence should be very quick at heating the water.

However the price; $66US for a 1litre stove and $75 for the 2.5 litre stove, seems extraordinarily expensive for what it is. Especially when you consider that you can buy a trangia – with lots more ‘engineering’ for about the same price.

(ps I use US$ because I can’t figure out how to find the pounds symbol on my Japanese keyboard)


2 Responses to “Kelly kettle stove”

  1. Alison Says:

    Hi Kieran, the KK is something that’s on my ‘to get’ list. As a matter of fact, our paddling group has been having a small discussion of stoves/kettles…check out

  2. Hi Alison

    Thanks for the link, some interesting stuff there. I still vote for the trangia stove though as it can cook actual food as well as brew a cup of tea…


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