Kayaking in sea ice

January 26, 2007

I have two short term ambitions for my sea kayaking. The first is to make the crossing from Matsushima to Ajishima (an open crossing of about 25km) before I leave Japan. The second is to paddle in sea ice.


Japan offers sea ice in Northern Hokkaido from January (article, information and map with up-to-date sea ice locations for Hokkaido) and the “bergy bits” can get further south through early April. Sadly I guess this one may have to wait as my third child is due 1st April.

But it doesn’t stop me dreaming and reading great stories about East Greenland (the account starts terribly with mention of a “fanny pack” but improves…)

EDIT: such is life, on Saturday the local paper that my wife reads had a big back page picture and article on sea ice trips to Hokkaido. Apparantly my wife has always wanted to go…



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