Using other people’s images

January 26, 2007

One of the earliest blogs I read (and still is a good read) is In that the author talks about copyright and the internet (a lot). The premise for his blog includes posting images, articles and opinions from other people and he is quite clear and unrepentive about this breach of copyright. I too set out on this blog to not worry too much about copyright and so I take images from other people’s blogs and websites to post here.

Recently though I’ve been starting to feel a bit uncomfortable about this as there are many people who post things like this:

 do not useNow with excellent photographers like seakayakphoto or sandmarks or people who make a living from their images like John Bowermaster I could understand this more. But the above warning comes from and the images are pretty low grade (I class my own photos in this category so there is no shame in this). However it’s not just the above images. Last week I posted some images of the Severn bore despite a similar request not to from the sites’ owner. So I’d like to state my 4 point position (on appropriating other peoples images) so as to embolden me to keep doing it:

  1. The internet is useful for the propagation of information, ideas and images and this is a good thing.
  2. If you don’t want your images appropriated don’t post them to the internet.
  3. I don’t use other people’s images for anything other than interest (I don’t advertise and don’t make any money from this)
  4. My images are available on the same basis

Fair use copyright laws in many countries would protect such use, but its not about copyright law, its about people. I don’t really want to piss people off, what would be the point in that?


4 Responses to “Using other people’s images”

  1. Tony Lee Says:

    As one can see from the warning on my website that I simply DEMAND the courtesy of all informing me of the use of my images. An email asking me for an image and a decription of what it will be used and where and most times I will send a high resolution version of the image. I have no issue with people using images from kayaktherock and as a matter of fact I am usually flattered when anyone wants to use my images. That being said I do find it quite amazing that people will not show common courtesy towards others by simply asking rather then taking. It seems to me to be a reasonable request!!

    Tony Lee

  2. Mark Sanders Says:

    I don’t ask people to inform me before using my photos, although I understand why some people do. As long as I or my website are given credit, I’m happy. I do like it when people ask, if only because I can then go check out their websites as well. For me, a link to my site is payment enough. I think it’s a personal decision.

  3. Tony Lee Says:

    We appear to be agreeing as I am very flattered when someone wishes to use one of my ” pretty low grade images” but I certainly like to be aware of when that is the case. Also a link to my website is also very nice. I guess the only point of the warning is simply that people make me aware of their intentions in regards to my images. If someone does not like the warning then please don’t visit the site I certainly could careless…its a personal website showing personal images that the public are open to view.

  4. Tony, I didn’t reply to your last message as I thought you were just stating your position which is very clear. I disagree with your approach, as I have said, but respect your opinion.

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