Katadyn Survivor 35 manual desalinator pump

January 29, 2007

Andrew McCauley’s wife informs us that he is now proucing all his own drinking water from the Katadyn Survivor 35 manual desalinator pump:

the pump

I was very interested in this. 15 minutes gets him 1 litre of drinking water. 


Reverse osmosis membrane: to really get how it works you’d need to know what that is. In summary Reverse Osmosis Membranes produce:

a consistently pure drinking water supply and to transform drinking water to high purity water for industrial use at microelectronics, food and beverage, power, and pharmaceutical facilities. The technology is also very effective at removing bacteria, pyrogens, and organic contaminants.

Reverse osmosis separation technology is used to remove dissolved impurities from water through the use of a semi-permeable membrane. RO involves the reversal of flow through a membrane from a high salinity, or concentrated, solution to the high purity, or “permeate”, stream on the opposite side of the membrane. Pressure is used as the driving force for the separation. The applied pressure must be in excess of the osmotic pressure of the dissolved contaminants to allow flow across the membrane.

It seems that the main innovation in the manual pump is the reuse of the waste water (brine) to aid the powering of the pump:

In order to remove dissolved salts from seawater with a reverse osmosis membrane, extremely high pressures must be generated. Traditionally, powerful motors and large amounts of energy were used … this was no problem for large vessels that had plenty of power and space to spare…

The Katadyn Energy Recovery system takes advantage of stored energy in the high pressure reject water that is typically wasted. The pressurized reject water is recirculated to the back side of the piston to aid the next stroke. This energy is kept in the system, resulting in less work to achieve fresh water.

more information here

Being 800km from fresh water I wonder if Andrew McCauley has got two in case one breaks?

I stumbled over this link researching the deslanitor – it is an interesting rant about How the U.S. Navy lives in Denial and is not ready for combat due to their lack of preparedness for abanoning ship


3 Responses to “Katadyn Survivor 35 manual desalinator pump”

  1. Hi K;
    thanks for the recent spate of helpful and varied posts, and for sending traffic my way via a link.

    I want to link to your desalinator post in my blog and am adding you to my links list.

    Good luck making your crossing. An issue of WaveLength magazine has a story by Brian Nystrom on paddling in sea ice here in Massachusetts, a few y ears back, when we had a remarkably cold winter.

  2. Hi Adam

    Glad you found it useful. More posting is due to a lack of opportunity to actually paddle at the moment about which I am sad. (skiing is winning the battle)

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