Japan maps

January 30, 2007

A while ago Douglas Wilcox wrote about his interest in maps and stole my thunder. I love maps, the more interesting and tectonic the better, but lets not get into that, instead check out some of these beauties available at very low cost from the Geological Survey of Japan


Geological map of Mount Fuji



Geothermal map of Kyushu, the southern most of the 4 main islands of Japan. (Another day I will tell you about the Buddhist temple in Kagoshima that I worked on).


a sample of the digital version fo these geological maps of Japan.


onikobe map

Onikobe in Miyagi where I am going this weekend for my 5th wedding anniversary combined with some skiing.

This is the map (along with the Fuji one) that I plan to buy, digital, of the Tohoku Region 3,000yen.

Lastly it is not a beautiful map but it is sometimes hard to find: a good overall satellite map of Japan (from here)

overall japan


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