Kayaking is for old guys

January 30, 2007

I’ve felt this for a long time. Kayaking is for old guys with beards. Woody did a poll:


I would also hazard a guess that 50-60% of the people who were under 31 when they started paddling were in river kayaks or canoes; and a further 20-30% are now over 31. Leaving a measly 10-30% of under 31 sea kayakers.

At least that is my impression. I have no evidence for this.

(I’m not ageist or beardist as I am 36 and sport a beard from time to time. I also recognise that there a number of well known female seakayakers…)

ps. I found this beard and wow! is that a beard (see the Beard Liberation Front or BLF) the owner is Turner



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