Kayaking in Kyushu

February 6, 2007

kyushu kayakers

6 years in Japan with a number of decent crossings, long expeditions and crazy 24 hours paddles mostly around Kyushu and Okinawa, Leanne and Rik Brezina’s blog is about Kayaking, climbing and mountainbiking.

Thanks to Skoogle for alerting me to their existance.


2 Responses to “Kayaking in Kyushu”

  1. leanne Says:

    hi. thanks for the nice comments about our blog. I read your blog with great interests as it seems like we share a lot of common interests and concerns about kayaking. Also thanks for bringing to my attention Andrew McAuley’s journey. Following a link on your webpage I was able to journey with him until his disappearance. I think his efforts were incredible and inspiring to us all. I’m only sorry it had to end in such a terrible way.
    Any plans on traveling to Kyushu? There is going to be a kayak symposium in May in Amakusa which I highly recommend!

  2. Hi Leanne
    Thanks for your comment.
    It’s a real targedy about Andrew McAuley, it was an inspiring journey and in a way what happened makes it even more amazing that he even tried that crossing. I feel so sorry for his family though.
    I’d love to make it for the symposium but I can’t see it happening – we have another baby due in April and I won’t be able to take the time off… I guess. I tried to go to the g-style symposium in October in Chiba but I guess I found out about it too late. They look like fun. Have you been to one before?

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