Not a skiing blog

February 6, 2007

I know this is not a skiing blog but what I haven’t been kayaking properly since the end of November and it is skiing that is keeping me off the water.


a virgin piste

We had an awesome weekend at onikoube ski 所. The snow was as good quality as snow can be – squeeky on the groomed areas and up to 1m deep of powder off piste.


this was taken at 9:30am more than an hour after opening!

The best thing was that it was so quiet. On both days I was first up the mountain and had at least 30minutes alone on the mountain.


first up

It’s been a bad year for snow in Japan, like in Europe, but this weekend was really great although on Sunday there were a few times that it was near white out conditions!

Our car after we dug it out…

My oldest daughter really enjoyed sledging (the youngest not so much) but we have decided that she is now old enough (3 and a half) to start skiing. so next weekend I am taking her for her first ski trip…


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