Adventure Kayak

February 28, 2007

Shibata-san of Algaforrest fame, and my rolling teacher, wrote on his blog about an article on Japanese sea kayaking in Adventure Kayak Magazine. 


And this text

「シーカヤックの基本とエクスペディション BASICS FOR ALL」
「Browse Backissues」をクリックするとバックナンバーのページになります。
Early Summer 2006の12ページに記事があります。

Problem is I can’t find the article which I feel as my duty to source. He says its on page 12 on the “early summer 2006” back issue. It’s not, I can’t find it. If anyone knows where it is let me know.

Thanks to Tim for the link to the right page (see comments). You can now click on the above image to see it at larger scale and read the text.

I also found an interesting article about surfing tidal races in the Pacific North West which begins “When dealing with the pacific Ocean it doesn’t take much to get spanked”…


If you can put up with the white water focus and some MTV language there might be some reading to do.


3 Responses to “Adventure Kayak”

  1. Tim Says:


    I just happily discovered your website and noticed that you are trying to track down this article in Adventure Kayak magazine. I’m the editor of Adventure Kayak. It is indeed on page 12 of the Early Summer 2006 issue (Vol 5 No 2) (it’s actually page 14 of the magazine, but page 12 on the website), which you can find here:


  2. Tim Says:

    Oops. Make that Vol 6 No 2.


  3. Tim
    It was a kind of lazy try but you sorted it! Brilliant.
    Thanks very much.

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