Human powered ocean travel

March 20, 2007

Ocean Rowing is another world, full of tanned, muscled strongmen doing some pretty amazing things. Things like round the world rowing…

Pedal the Ocean is an interesting ‘in’ to this world and the crossover with kayaking. There are some excellent links and stories as one man plans to pedal across the Atlantic in a boat that looks more a sub than a boat.


3 million years of evolution has produced an animal whose natural environment probably consisted of walking the distance of a full marathon each and every single day*. Now take that animal (also known as a “human being”), and stick him in a small cage, rob him of natural sunlight, make him sit in a chair all day and feed him a steady supply of chemicals and refined foods.

Is it any wonder that 60% of North Americans are over weight?”

It is a good point.


As an aside I stumbled on this ‘bio’ which made me laugh

“Married for 61/2 years, been together 13 yrs., we have 4 teenagers, all love the outdoors, 2 are ok, 2 are braindead, and 1 of those may find the outdoors sooner than he thinks.”




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