Kinkasan trip

May 9, 2007

curved sculpture

I made another trip to the island of Kinkasan at the weekend, the previous time being August 6th 2006. But I decided to spend the time with my children who have been a bit neglected by me recently, so went by big boat.


The sea was pretty big with 2-3m swells rolling in from the SE and through the 1km wide channel that separates Kinkasan from the Oshika peninsula. This is the wave direction for big surf. The guys on the ferry were being a bit melodramatic though, asking us to sit at the back as the waves were big, and some of the old ladies on board let out little squeeks of excitement as we rolled up and down. My younger daughter didn’t like the ride at all, she’s got her mothers sea legs.

The surf was pretty dramatic though and you could hear the noise from miles away. The rolling waves were breaking pretty far from shore. In the image below taken from the top(ish) of Kinksan you can (just about) see the soup but also the break line about 200m further out.


That lee shore is very dangerous in these conditions but even on the windward side of the channel the waves were kind of pounding in


So I suppose it’s good I didn’t paddle.

Kinkasan was beautiful of course and we had a great day and overnight.

spring weather

and enjoyed feeding the deer, who were a lot less pushy and agressive than I thought they’d be.


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