Helmet and sprayskirt

May 17, 2007

I’ve ordered a new neoprene sprayskirt for my on loan, river kayak. The keyhole cockpit is small (old fashioned) just 75x48cm so finding one that fit wasn’t easy and I’ve had to compromise on an adjustable skirt (with bungee at the back). Will post a picture when it arrives.

I’m also looking for a kayak helmet but the ones I’ve tried so far don’t fill me with love.

Montbell‘s selection that I have tried includes these two:


At around 4,000yen. No front bills…

There is also a list of 5 manufacturers with comments here.

J3helmets | Gratefulheads | PredatorHelmets | ShredReady | SweetProtection

Sweet protection make this one reviewed here which costs 200US! eek.

Crystal Shipman

And a good safety note from Shred Ready whose slogan is “Because rocks hurt“:

“All helmets loose their impact resistance over time. We reccomend that paddling helmets be replaced after every serious impact, and even if you never experience an impact, your lid needs to be replaced every third paddling season.”

The one I want is of course not possible here. It’s expensive and made in Norway…

from sweet protection


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