The canoe boys

May 30, 2007

canoe boys 2007 edition

Simon Willis quotes Alastair Dunnett from the new edition of the Canoe Boys (about paddling up the west coast of Scotland in 1934) writing about his job as a bank clerk:

“Tomorrow my feet will walk a city’s pavements. Tomorrow I shall know again the full horror of respectability. Tomorrow, pilloried in collars, surmounted by unyeilding headgear, I shall prepare to shoulder again my infinitesimal burden of responsibility in the financial transactions of a wearied world.”

Willis is paddling with Cailean Macleod sections of the journey originally made by Alastair Dunnett and Seumas Adam. He is making programs for Radio Scotland and blogging about it here. He says (not sure if its a quote) “Alastair Dunnett described a wall of water, darting at and striking them; hands in the water trying the seize and wrestle the paddles from their grasp; a moving group of whirlpools with a noise like hissing thunder; the sea gathering below their canvas and slatted hulls like a horse bunching for the gallop.”

So all in sounds like a great read.

book review on sea paddler dot net of the 1995 edition the Canoe Boys

amazon for the 2007 edition 


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