Another broken paddle

June 4, 2007

MontBell have sold me another duff paddle. I’m really pissed off. Here is what happened:


The plastic joint which clamps the two-piece paddle shaft together has sheared off, I think it happened while I was surfing or maybe rolling. Obviously a design fault – the material is not up to the kind of stresses placed on it. The paddle still has about 250mm of interconnecting sleave and this junction point only fixes the amount of feather but I now have a paddle where the feather can move fairly freely around in your hands.

I have two choices, take it back or glue it together at a fixed feather.

I will do the later because MontBell, in common with Japanese retailers, are horrible about stuff like this and I don’t want them to say “just this once” like they did last time. In the UK there would be no questions asked: a full refund or at the very least a new paddle. Here, well I will be give accustaory looks – like I’m upsetting the wa.

That’s two paddles I’ve bought from them and both have broken. So my review of MontBell is bad and poor.

the other broken paddle story


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