For Sale SOLD

July 5, 2007

For Sale SOLD
One used kayak. plastic Dagger Charleston 15. Bought May 2006 Montbell Sendai for 145,000yen. For sale for 80,000yen. Will “throw in” a Harmony Feather Lock Paddle which cost 22,800yen new.



dagger charleston

profile view showing skeg down.


This detail not of my kayak (but other than colour it’s the same).

harmony paddle

The Harmony paddle’s “featherlock” mechanism broke so I epoxy glued the shaft together and it is now a one piece, fixed 30 degree feather. Otherwise it works fine.

The 2006 Montbell kayak catalog entry in Japanese (this kayak has been discontinued).

And the text from the catalog in Japanese. (English description available here)
457cm long 63cm wide with a 97x45cm cockpit. It weighs 26kg and can support up to 145kg. It has a simple skeg to aid tracking. It is very stable kayak suited to a larger frame person. However I am 163cm and weigh 64kg (i.e. small) and with a little foam padding, it fits fine.

The kayak is a great starter kayak. It is very comfortable, roomy and stable. I bought it so I could fish and take pictures in a stable kayak, but in fact ended up doing more adventurous things. I have surfed this kayak, learned to roll in it and had great fun paddling around Miyagi and Iwate.

The condition is very good: there are the usual scratches and scuffs on the bottom of plastic hull but no more than you would expect and none are deep or affect performance. The skeg works fine as do the footpegs, adjustable (and vey comfortable) seat, adjustable thigh braces and everything else is as new. I have installed foam knee braces and foam padding to the seat; these can be removed or adjusted easily. The internal foam bulkheads have pinholes to allow air expansion, and the rear bulkhead leaks slightly but it has been like this since I bought it and is manageable.

more pictures:

on beach

beach near Onagawa

rolling on a foggy day

rolling on a foggy day


Me in the kayak


At Izushima on a foggy day


Realised 2 more minor defects: firstly I lost the net bag that velcros to the back of the seat (after about a week of owning the boat) and secondly the kayak’s hull is deformed slightly where it is strapped to the roofrack – inevitable with plastic kayaks.


2 Responses to “For Sale SOLD”

  1. Wenley Says:

    Welcome home, Kieran! Which would be your next kayak when back?

  2. One of three options:
    1. home made skin on frame greenland kayak
    2. rockpool Alaw Bach
    3. surf kayak

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