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Greenland expedition and patagonia

January 12, 2007

On Kayaks posted about an expedition up the west coast of Greenland. There are some beautiful pictures taken by these guys (I guess a requirement of commercially sponsored expeditions)


But it wasn’t the photographs that interested me so much as their route map: 


Isn’t that an amazing coastline.

It reminds me (well I mean its not like I’ve been there or anything) of the coastline around Cape Horn. which I have read about in sailing books and took ages to understand – Patagonia, Terra del Fuego, the Cape is just like this: a series of inlets, islands and fyords. Back in the old days the locals would paddle out in canoes to try and kill (and eat) the sailors which was one of the things that made rounding the cape worthy of a ear piercing – left ear going round anticlockwise, right ear clockwise. Captain Joshua Slocum’s book provides fascinating historical narrative.

map of terra del fuego