Maps location


This is where I live and the main areas I paddle.

The sea chart at 1:20,000 for the bay area has too much information on it to make a clear trip map but here it is anyway.


The pink squares are the shellfish and seaweed beds that are such a hazard in bigger boats.

What will be my trip map is taken from yahoo maps where you can see Matsushima at various scales

Matsushima – my town’s website


2 Responses to “Maps location”

  1. Jukka Linnonmaa Says:


    I am a Finnish paddling instructor with ACA and BCU qualifications. I am visiting Tokyo this week due to my ‘real job’, which is engineering, and will have meetings wednesday through friday. However, there is a change I will have Saturday off before heading back to Finland on Sunday.

    Would you have any suggestions on where to rent a kayak and kit for a day’s trip on Saturday and where to go paddling – or any local connections in Tokyo?

    Thanks in advance – Jukka

  2. Jukka

    Sorry it took me a day to get back to you I hope you get this in time

    I suggest Algaforest in Tokyo actually in Kanagawa but only 70 minutes from Tokyo. This tour school is run by Shibata-san who speaks near perfect English (2 years in Canada and numerous extended trips abroad – Norway and Greenland). The website is only in Japanese though:

    I don’t know if he rents kayaks unguided, and he may be busy with relaitively inexperienced kayakers on a Saturday (maybe I don’t know) so perhaps you don’t want to join the tour.. Be up front with what you want and he will help you out I am sure. Please say hello from me if you go.

    (there is information on other places (2 others near Tokyo) under ‘tours and schools’ on the blog)

    I hope you have fun. The water is luciously warm in Tokyo now (at least 24degrees)


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