Weather and tides

Tides for Matsushima bay Tides for Japan, listed north to south.

wind forecast (Sendai above, Shiroishi below)

Yahoo weather (Matsushima)

here is a site I use and you can change for other locations for sea surface temperatures and marine weather

Two about the beaufort wind scale and a useful summary

Here is a great list covering all the conversions metric to imperial etc which will cover you for wind speed conversions (m/s to knots = x1.943846)


3 Responses to “Weather and tides”

  1. vwalchak Says:

    thanks for the interesting stories, great links and info. i’m an art teacher form the US traveling to Shiogama shortly as part of the japan fulbright memorial fund teacher program and i hope (even though i am a novice) that i can get some paddling in.

  2. Hi
    I’m glad you found it useful (my aim was to to make a useful blog)
    But, we are going to be neighbours! Shiogama is 10 minutes from where I live. lets go kayaking.
    Give me a shout when you get here…

  3. Glenn Hansen Says:


    An English friend and I are coming up to Matsushima and the Oshika peninsula around the 6th of September. I have a 2 person foldable, but maybe it would be better to rent some singles and hire a guide? If you have any info or time, let me know.

    Glenn Hansen

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