The oshika peninsula

July 20, 2007

Previously I was asked about camping on the Oshika Peninsula – one of my favourite places in Miyagi and one of the best sea kayaking destinations in Japan. Yesterday while packing up our house to move back to Scotland I came across a leaflet from Oshika and Ayukawa- a conglomeration of the small villages and hamlets on the oshika Peninsula.

It’s in Japanese but should still be useful.

front cover

page 1

page 2

page 2

A previous post with descriptions about the oshika peninsula and kayaking trips here, here, here and here.


3 Responses to “The oshika peninsula”

  1. PeterD Says:

    Any kayak rental companies in the area? Is there special requirements so that someone could rent a sit inside sea kayak in Japan (and certification, etc.)?

  2. Sadly no kayak rental (I’ve actually not found this service available at all in Japan only tours) but there is a tour service right at the top of the Oshika peninsula, who will travel to apddle pretty much anywhere in Miyagi. Earthquest is listed under “tours and schools”. In addition Noriyuki Hoshi can also arrange tours around Oshika (his favorite place) again his details are on that page.

  3. EDIT after spending a lovely weekend on ajishima I can confirm that camping is not allowed on that island at all. I was in a nice little hotel.

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